Anyone with a house that’s dated, full of junk, or that has deferred maintenance is leaving a lot of money on the table by selling the house as-is. We love working with clients like this! We take care of all of the work, and put that money in our sellers pocket. Here are a few recent projects of ours:

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Client A:

Mary needed to sell her house for the most money possible because the money from the house was to serve as her retirement fund. Her house had a huge pasture that needed to be maintained, and the house had a lot of deferred maintenance. Mary hired our team to sell her home and we immediately went to work on getting her the maximum amount possible! We knew how important it was for her to fund her retirement. Our team cleaned up the yard and maintained all landscaping throughout the selling process. We removed and relocated a steel handicap ramp, repaired the porch, replaced missing railings, power washed the house as well as the seven stall barn. We repainted the wrap around porch in addition to minor interior painting and repairs. We had the house professionally deep cleaned, fully staged the home, and had professional listing photos taken. The house underwent such a transformation and was so beautiful once it was completely finished that she cried when she saw the home finished and staged. Mary was able to sell her house for $35,000 more because of the repairs and updates that our team did at no additional cost to her!

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Client B:

Sam wanted to sell his father’s house to a flipper because he didn’t want to deal with all of the work it would take to sell it in the traditional way. We brought Sam an offer from a flipper client of ours as the buyer, but also offered him the alternative of listing the house with us.

Our flipper client made Sam a very fair all cash offer to take the house as-is. The proceeds from the sale were to be used for his father’s care, so we told Sam that if he was willing to wait a few weeks to get the money that we could get him A LOT more for the house to put toward his father’s care. 

We completely cleaned out the house and took everything to the dump, tore out all of the old carpet and polished the hardwoods underneath, replaced the water heater, replaced carpet, did trim work and other small repairs, and had the house professionally deep cleaned. We also cleaned up the yard, took down limbs, cleaned the roof, and made the yard look great! We fully staged the house and had professional listing photos taken, and even after paying commissions Sam got $64,000 more after closing than he would have gotten from the all cash offer. Sam still didn’t have to lift a finger to get the house ready for the market, we did everything! Waiting just 5 weeks to receive his check and letting our team handle all of the work that needed to be done gave Sam over $60,000 in additional funds for his father.

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Client C:

John is one of our experienced investor clients who flips several houses per year. He puts careful thought and consideration into his home renovations and makes sure that the homes he brings to the market are top quality! Denise’s appraisal background makes her the perfect consultant for John to decide exactly which updates are best for which neighborhoods. The first house John sold with us brought him an extra $25,000 in profits! John’s house was in an up and coming area of the city where values can change significantly from one block to the next. Only an experienced real estate professional can give an accurate list price for a property in an area like this. Denise’s appraisal experience gives her the ability to pull an extremely accurate list of comparable properties and truly understand the value adjustments that need to be made to list a property at the correct price point. John’s house was one block north of Midlothian turnpike, and that street is a little known neighborhood turning point. Comparable houses south of that street sell for less, and we were able to list John’s house for $10,000 more than he originally thought. We also included full home staging and professional photos in addition to charging him a reduced commission. John saved over $6,000 just by listing with us as opposed to another agent, he paid nothing out of pocket to prepare the home for sale, and on top of that he made an additional $25,000 on that sale due to Denise’s market expertise and ability to negotiate a multiple offer scenario. We were also able to help John on the buyer side to find his next flip property off market at a great price. We love working with investor clients!

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